High craftsmanship

The production department, extending over 3000 sqm of surface area, is the heart of the company; highly skilled people are able to match dynamic processes through state-of-the-art machineries with strictly artisanal works, in which know-how and inspiration can be expressed at their utmost; here is where we create our long-lasting works

Materials: premium quality

Our long-time experience allowed us to identify the best suppliers for the provision of the materials to be used in our production process. In fact, only the use of excellent materials can guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Seasoning: the luxury of time

Expert hands know wood, shape it, transform it; the first processes are the ones that guarantee durability and firmness throughout time.
Haste does not belong to wood, it does not belong to us. The seasoning phase must abide to correct timing and grant appropriate conditions, letting time follow its own course: boards of precious woods will reach, in this way, the right conditions to be processed

Quality check and pre-assembly

Projects take shape, elements are assembled and tested during construction, before heading to the finish phase. After a finely carried out manufacture and a careful finish, the quality check and the pre-assembly of hardware are completed under the thoughtful supervision of our staff. After that, we proceed to the packing of the goods and the logistic handling, ensuring the arrival of our products to destination.


The use of state-of-the-art machineries allows the application of CAD/CAM technology to our production process: technological progress supports and integrates craftsmanship and manual skills


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