Rendered Services

The High carpentry is at Your side

Santo Passaia is the ideal company to realize your most ambitious furnishing projects. The large Production Department that characterizes a fundamental part of our organization chart, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, is able to satisfy all your design needs with only your imagination as the only limit. For over seventy years we have served the great professionals of the sector such as Architects, Designers, General Contractor, giving life to projects of "international scope". From luxurious Russian Villas to the most exclusive Apartments in downtown New York to spectacular Buildings such as the Brickell Flatiron in Miami.

Your "Problem solver"

Our tested operating system allows an efficient workflow from the metric and photographic survey to the construction in the carpentry shop, up to the installation and testing at your site. Our Technical Department interfaces perfectly with professionals by transforming the project into a CNC standard; everything is prepared and organized in "assembly slots", previously checked in the company and ready to be shipped all over the world.

Classic Boiserie and Boiserie 2.0

We are the Boiserie specialists and our Customers ask us to create the most diverse types of "Made to measure" furniture. Although Santo Passaia was born with an extremely classic product, today it produces any type of furniture having also developed an extremely versatile modern modular system: Boiserie 2.0

How we operate:

Field survey and measurements

A good design project and a good idea come from a careful analysis of the conditions we have to work in. This allows a prompt evaluation of the existing state and the immediate identification of possible critical aspects to be faced, or strong points to make the most of. The creative process has already begun

Technical department

Here is where the Client’s needs are analysed and interpreted; ideas and concepts start taking shape.. the creative process is at its maximum expression

Production department

Wood, a noble material allowing us to make our ideas real, remains the main character and sometimes the exclusive detail of a design that includes different materials. A constant technological development permits us to approach diverse processes and new materials, opening new horizons and allowing the creation of partnerships with leading firms in their field.

Quality check department

Once the product is completed, with the finish that the Client selected, that is the moment for an important phase: the Quality Check. Our workers proceed with an accurate product control, in order to ensure the compliance with strict quality standards. The subsequent phase is the packing of the goods: the process follows a precise and long-tested method that allows the arrival of the goods at destination in perfect conditions.

Logistic & Shipments department

Our organization expertly plans shipments, by adopting each time the best solution for transportation and handling. No destination scares us!


The installation phase is crucial: highly skilled labor carries out a professional assembly of furnishings, this being an additional guarantee for the perfection of the final product


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