Interiors that communicate our Clients’ style, becoming an integral part of their exclusive moments.

Boiserie 2.0

Boiserie 2.0 - Reed Tile is part of an exclusive collection of modular wall paneling , available in different exquisit materials and in different sizes. It is the modern and precious touch of class that you can add to your new project.

Smart Meeting Room

Our new Smart Meeting Room where you can change the ambient mood via App, remote control the room temperature and command the "BOSE" sound experience; Meeting table with touch system for the local control of the cabinet doors (open/close), the monitor drop-down, and a lot more.

A Place for Passion

A Place for passion is a project dedicated to motorcycles and in particular to the "Man cave" where to keep the things we men love, but also where to spend time with friends who share our passions. Here's how your garage could become with Santo Passaia Furniture.e.

Private yacht_01

The furnishing of a private yacht always represents a big challenge; materials and technologies must be carefully studied in order to make them fit to the tough sea environment, but they also have to be fit to the extreme customization requests that we receive from the yacht owners: they don’t want to give up to the exclusivity of their sailing experience

Private yacht_02

A yacht is a true architectural masterpiece on the water; it is the outcome of a research work that aims at the harmonization with the laws of the sea, as well as with the Clients’ needs and, why not, with whims and trends. In an exclusive, luxury yacht all its different functions are well integrated and the design touches – delicate but meaningful – give personality and prestige, always complying to -  and even enhancing - structural geometries.

Terranova yacht

Sea is a way of life
VIPs that contact us to realize their “floating dream” perfectly know what they want: elegance, comfort, functionality. But we always keep an eye on well defined technical features that are paramount in the construction of a yacht interior


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