We have been working alongside great architects and designers since the 1950s, creating their projects and exporting them all over the world: "three generations of high Italian carpentry."

The Story

Passaia a family of great builders. From the 50s to today, a story of excellence and tradition.


The Company is a "treasure chest" that contains history, experiences and values. Our values ​​consist of the People who make the Company a great reality, of High Craftsmanship, Innovation and Material of excellent quality.

High craftsmanship

The production department, extending over 3000 sqm of surface area, is the heart of the company; highly skilled people are able to match dynamic processes through state-of-the-art machineries with strictly artisanal works.


Santo Passaia pays special attention to visual communication and marketing strategies. The continuous investment in the realization of catalogues, samples and mock ups, as well as the cooperation with the most important national and international interior design magazines.


Via Villafontana, 19
Villafontana di Oppeano
37050 - Verona - IT
+39 045 6989004

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