Our luxury creations at the highest levels

Every project of luxury house design is studied to the smallest details and realized by extraordinary manufacturing of master craftsmanship giving life to the “Made in Italy” at its most exclusive. Santo Passaia creates unique solutions of luxury home interiors and combines materials, forms and finishes in a perfect synergy to guarantee to our clients the best experience. 

Discover our luxury interior design projects for exclusive apartments at the highest levels.


A tranquil oasis in chaotic Bangkok


The meeting between tradition and modernity: the two faces of Dubai in the decoration of a luxurious apartment


Great respect for the story of the building that hosts this upscale apartment


Breathtaking penthouse in a city where business, entertainment and relax coexist in perfect harmony

New York

Clean classical style for rooms to be enjoyed by a family that wants to live the home at its fullest


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Villafontana di Oppeano
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