The walk-in wardrobe

Exclusive interior design

A really private space, to be tailored to the Client

Moscow (Her)

A glass capsule that amazes every time

Moscow (Him)

Precision and discipline… even about placing dresses


A walk-in wardrobe with a strong personality: it stands out in the sleeping area and gives character to the room.


To use the space without neglecting elegance


Customization has no limits…


The ability to adapt to any situation, always with an eye on aesthetic details

Los Angeles

The challenge is to interpret the Client’s needs and tastes


Him&Her in a dialog of shapes and colours


Bright colours giving a unique personality to a refined room

San Diego

Touches of femininity in a carefully designed room


A dressing room tells a lot about you.. and preserves likewise


Nothing is left to chance.. Everything is connected with the space and with whom lives in it


Via Villafontana, 19
Villafontana di Oppeano
37050 - Verona - IT
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