The studyroom

Exclusive interior design

Intimate, very personal setting: here is how we interpret our Clients’ tastes and needs


Extraordinary example of balanced mix of styles


The taste of old English dwellings hosting legendary libraries

Cheng Du

Masculine connotation in the colours and in the atmosphere


Precious details and decorations for a room to be employed by important businessmen


Strong historical references and tastes of a hand skill that should not be lost

Saint Petersburg

Tradition, craftsmanship and technology dialog together: the outcome amazes and fascinates

Hong Kong

Boiserie, the undisputed main character, communicates strength


Alternative shapes and solutions, enriched by precious finishes


For the Client’s Office we used a refined Italian walnut, finished with special patinas...


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Villafontana di Oppeano
37050 - Verona - IT
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