The story

A story of excellence and tradition


On the left, Cavalier Santo Passaia when he was 14. Santo had already begun his experience as joiner. On the right, the first workshop: the production was focused on loose furniture


The first participation to the Bovolone Furniture Fair. In the middle, the former Prime Minister Mariano Rumor


Cav. Santo Passaia is awarded for his 30th work anniversary


On the occasion of the first edition of the Verona Furniture Fair, Cav. Santo Passaia and his son Pier Angelo (on the left in the picture) present their first modular furniture, made of solid wood: it is an epic change in the company production range


1990 is a meaningful date for the company. Pier Angelo Passaia begins with the export of made-to-measure furnishings. The photo was shot on the occasion of the first participation of the company Santo Passaia to the Saint Petersburg Furniture Fair


During the Verona “Abitare il Tempo” Furniture Fair the former Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta (on the right), is welcomed by Pier Angelo Passaia at Santo Passaia booth.


Since 2015 Nicolò and Federico, Pier Angelo Passaia’s sons, have been integral part of the company


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