Our creations declined at the highest levels

Each luxury project is studied in detail and created with extraordinary craftsmanship, giving life to "Made in Italy" in its most exclusive form. Santo Passaia creates unique home interior solutions and combines materials, shapes and finishes in a perfect synergy to guarantee our customers the best experience.

Discover our luxury interior design projects for exclusive villas at the highest levels.

Moscow Villa

An accurately restored, majestic villa, in Moscow’s most exclusive suburb

Cortina Chalet

A wonderful chalet in the heart of the Dolomites

Xi’An Villa

Spectacular villa in a spectacular Chinese city with a significant historical background

San Diego Villa

A piece of exquisite classical taste on the gentle Californian hills

Cheng Du Villa

When Architect Palladio fascinates even one of the most important cities in China

Hong Kong Villa

Classical and oriental style in an exquisite example of contamination

Sochi Villa

English Colonial style for the villa on the Black Sea that favors white and light tones


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