Field survey and measurements

A good design project and a good idea come from a careful analysis of the conditions we have to work in. This allows a prompt evaluation of the existing state and the immediate identification of possible critical aspects to be faced, or strong points to make the most of. The creative process has already begun

Design and technical office

Here is where the Client’s needs are analysed and interpreted; ideas and concepts start taking shape.. the creative process is at its maximum expression


Wood, a noble material allowing us to make our ideas real, remains the main character and sometimes the exclusive detail of a design that includes different materials. A constant technological development permits us to approach diverse processes and new materials, opening new horizons and allowing the creation of partnerships with leading firms in their field.

Logistics and quality check

Once the product is completed, with the finish that the Client selected, that is the moment for an important phase: the Quality Check. Our workers proceed with an accurate product control, in order to ensure the compliance with strict quality standards. The subsequent phase is the packing of the goods: the process follows a precise and long-tested method that allows the arrival of the goods at destination in perfect conditions.


Our organization expertly plans shipments, by adopting each time the best solution for transportation and handling. No destination scares us!


The installation phase is crucial: highly skilled labor carries out a professional assembly of furnishings, this being an additional guarantee for the perfection of the final product


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